Shark Injury 1.33

Executive Summary:

Download the PDF: sharkinjury.pdf
Version 1.32: sharking32.pdf
Text: sharkinjury.txt

Todd Perry has shipped SharkInjury under the MIT License, and the purpose of this website is track SI in the world of media and publishing, in addition to asserting a mapping from version numbers to the text in various formats, because...there's a plain text version, a PDF version, a mirror at, and maybe a few other versions out there that I, Todd, don't even know about, at this writing.

SharkInjury 1.01 launched around 5:50 am EST on April 4, 2017. Version 1.32 was launched on April 24, 2017, and version 1.33 was added on October 30, 2018. The changes that occured between version 1 and version 32 were significant, but the change between version 32 and 33 was not.

An early version of Suzy's Memoir 1.0 was distributed via the website on July 14, 2017 and then taken offline a couple months later. Suzy's Memoir is Todd's version of the satire that's outlined in Part 2 of SharkInjury.

On July 15, 2018, Tsuzy LLC began distributing a document at that includes the first two chapters and an outline of Suzy's Memoir 2.0, in order to democratize access to the content at

Todd, via Tsuzy LLC, launched from Key West during a trip he took there between Monday, Feb. 25 and Thursday, Feb 28, 2019.

One July 3, 2019, Todd posted the following text on, and he has not posted on FB since then:

"I want to clarify that I think the overall frame of is information war, but we're getting close to a point where Facebook is directly fighting itself, and the way I understand what's happening is that the facts in SharkInjury exist whether the document gets distribution or not...and it's the inconsistency (aka. problematic relationship?) between the facts and Facebook's PR narrative that's creating the conditions of information war.

The resolution will probably involve surfacing the narrative that Facebook used the effect of my facial injury as leverage to create a massive and regrettable reality distortion field, and the outcome was that we got a larger than life leader (Zuck) who promoted centralization of "all the social data" instead of the final years as humanity prepares for the advent of strong AI.

I think a bunch of new ideas and best practices related to the idea of "reality distortion in the workplace" will shake out, but, at the same time, it may prove difficult for anyone to publicly represent the effect of my facial injury, itself.

Instead, we may still get an extremely fast moving, new wave of dynamic leadership around a shared vision for decentralization, and the meanings associated with existing patterns of reality distortion will be re-invented."

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